Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Comments on Blogging for Art

Hey, this is Mr. V's first attempt at blogging or setting up a site for this. The purpose of this Blog is to help understand the world of art and how it relates to your classroom studies.

We will start out simple. Once a week, I will post a discussion thread or comment on this site. By Friday of that week, you will be required to post at least one response to my post or to one of your classmate's post.

You will earn up to 10 pts. per week for posting two times to this blog. Blogging is worth 10% of your overall grade. The requirements are that you post once in response to whatever is being asked of you for that week and that you post a comment directed to someone else's response. For instance, you may be asked to post something relating to what we are researching or studying, so you post a summary of an interesting article you read and share your thoughts on the article. Then you read your class mates' responses and find at least one to comment on.