Monday, December 7, 2009

This weeks blog is about tattooing. Go to the RSS feeds for the "Art Newspaper". Look up the book category, then you should see an article about "Body art: where beauty is literally skin deep." Read the article about tattooing and decide wheather or not you think that tattooing is an art. Go an extra step and look up the book on tattooing. These will be due on Friday at 4 p.m.

Monday, November 16, 2009


If there were an opportunity to have an open art studio where a student could come in and work on a concentrated project or medium, would you be interested. This would be an advanced class and would be open to anyone that has taken the basic classes and wants more of a specific medium. There would be specific criteria in order for you to be able to qualify for this studio. ( no discipline problems, worked turned in on time, 95% or better in art area of concentration). What do you think? Do you think it would fly? What is a suggestion you would make to make the studio better?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Is Fair Trade Fair for U.S. Artists?

This week's blog is an article about fair trade and how it affects artists in the United States. Give your opinion, pro or con on this article and what it means to artists trying to make a living in the U.S.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

MORE - Art in Unusual Places

This week's blog is another video similiar to last weeks. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS WATCH! Then post a response that shows me that you did watch it. Mention one thing about the stop motion annimation video that someone else hasn't already mentioned. A friend sent me this link and I thought it was so-o-o cool that I just wanted you to see it. This is something that could easily be done with any computer and a little time. Here is the link:
Have fun watching. It repeats so it's really only about 3 or 4 minutes.
Have a great week.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Art in Unusual Places

This week's post is on original art. When I was in Europe this summer, I was able to view many various types of art forms. Some of the more interesting ones were those in unusual or interesting areas. I saw graffiti from Pompeii that was almost 2000 years old, art students creating the "old masters" on the streets of Florence and huge paintings on the sides of buildings in Paris. Watch the youtube video and comment on where you would like to do some unusual painting or artwork.

Monday, October 12, 2009

White House Art

This week you are to read the article from ART NEWSPAPER. COM and post a reply to what you think about the President and Mrs. Obama and their selection of artwork for the whitehouse and the offices. Do you think it's okay for them to " borrow" from art museums, or take the artwork on loan? Do you think that its unfortunate to "borrow" the art and put in such private places that very few individuals will ever see it? What benefits does this have for the artists?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Art Movements - What's your Style

This weeks blog will be about art appreciation. I have posted this link:
to the blog. You are to pick an art movement, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Cubism, Fauvism, Expressionism or Pop Art. Click on the picture or style you like that will then take you to a link that shows pictures and description of that particular art movement. You will find a fact about that art movement and post it on your blog for this week. You are only required to blog once this week. Remember, this is for 10 points and this early in the year it makes a diffenence in your grade. I will do one just to show you an example.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Redneck Ribs - Speed Painting - Alt. Medium of painting.

Time for a little fun. Watch the YouTube video : "Redneck Ribs - Speed Painting " and then give a post on what type of alternative medium you could use to create an interesting piece of artwork. The URL link is: This should be easy and fun. Think outside the box! Remember, this is part of your grade!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Destruction at archaeological sites following Dakar Rally

Time for a second Blog event. This time I would like you to read the article "Destruction at archaeological sites following Dakar Rally -Car race causes “irremediable damage” in Chile and Argentina" and post a comment on it. Later at the end of the week you are to post a comment to one of your fellow student's blog post. These need to be done by Friday at the end of the school day.
Here is the linkL

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Comments on Blogging for Art

Hey, this is Mr. V's first attempt at blogging or setting up a site for this. The purpose of this Blog is to help understand the world of art and how it relates to your classroom studies.

We will start out simple. Once a week, I will post a discussion thread or comment on this site. By Friday of that week, you will be required to post at least one response to my post or to one of your classmate's post.

You will earn up to 10 pts. per week for posting two times to this blog. Blogging is worth 10% of your overall grade. The requirements are that you post once in response to whatever is being asked of you for that week and that you post a comment directed to someone else's response. For instance, you may be asked to post something relating to what we are researching or studying, so you post a summary of an interesting article you read and share your thoughts on the article. Then you read your class mates' responses and find at least one to comment on.