Monday, March 8, 2010

Strange but true - Wierd Art from Strange Mediums

Hey, welcome to this week's blog. Look at this link:
Watch the whole thing and comment on two of the many items that you will see on the slideshow. Are there any items that interest you? Would you consider making a piece of art out of one of the mediums?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Why Van Gogh cut his ear: new clue | The Art Newspaper

Why Van Gogh cut his ear: new clue The Art Newspaper
Okay, here is another version of the classic Van Gogh "ear" theory. There are many therories on what actually happended.
Did he: cut it off and send it to a girl he was in love with. Did the painter, Gauguin slice it off in a duelling match. This week, I want you to be Van Gogh's P.R. guy and make up a publicity response in order to counteract any negative P.R. from the incedent. Your post must be 3 sentences long.
Have fun, Be creative.
Mr. Von

Monday, February 1, 2010

Tiger Woods Spoof-Gone To Far???

This weeks blog involves and interesting article about art and free speech. I would like you to answer at least 3 of these questions based on the following link; FDA Investigates Fake 'Unfaithful' Tiger Woods Gatorade - Slashfood

Now that you have read the article and watched the video on the Gatorade incedent respond to at least 3 of these questions:
Do you think that the "artist" should be charged with any crime?
Do you think that this is a form of free speech?
Do you think that any form of art is ok as long as no one is injured?
Do you think that this would qualify as art?
Do you think that this is more of a publicity stunt for the artist to make a name for himself?
Do you think that Gatorade should have dropped Tiger from their advertising?
Do you think there was a better way to have presented this art?